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spinnin up some oregon love!!

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by Nika Kaiser

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by Nika Kaiser

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Broadcasting live @ www.freewillradio.org

Broadcasting live @ www.freewillradio.org

So now I am in Oregon. I am back to feeling in it all and gappy and capable and stoked on life!! Living in a barn, living with friends all the time, meeting new people everyday, growing beautiful mama plants, loving the earth, walking barefoot, sleeping in my own pile of blankets in a loft everynight, freewill radio, family meals, wild golf cart rides, bucket rides with craisins, live music, parking lots anarchist fightst, blue dodge 1993 van, the grateful dead, lucid dreaming, green tea, outdoor showers, 3rd place in the ants on a melon whip contest, dancing and playing in Nederland, going to the weed store, SO MUCH LOVE EVERYWHERE!!! radiating and reflecting it all inwards and outwards in all directions to you all

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asker Votin for you mama! Sendin love your way hope all is well!

thank you so much!!!! you can vote once a day too!!! i’m in 8th place right now 


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Hey all of my deliciously gorgeous followers I want to send my live and ask you to check out my video in the Ants on a Melon lightwhip contest!! Mine is the one with a sunset background, you can vote once everyday too!! If I win, I can get all kinds of beautiful LED awesomeness to share the lightup love even more :))) thank you all so much! Here is the link again.

lightwhip video contest!!!

i have a one way plane ticket for california that leavers tomorrow. life is good :)

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such natural beauty :)

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such natural beauty :)
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Sunset Picnic On Baker Beach

I ran to baker beach last night to meet my wife and a few friends for a sunset picnic. Yes please!

(San Francisco, California - 4/2014)

the bay will always have my heart

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Forget me not

My favorite thing about Forget-Me-Nots is that they change color depending on the acidity of the soil so you can get pink or purple ones growing right next to the blue ones.


These are my favourite flowers.

Forget-me-nots also change colour after they become pollinated. It’s a sign to the insects to keep moving, and not to waste time there.

So a blue forget-me-not, once it’s been pollinated, may change to a pale pink to a white colour; which is another reason for such stark colour variations in small areas.

The more you know!

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